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Our company was established back in 1949. It is a family business with a long tradition in the production of flags and also of other items, about which you could be informed through the webpages Flags and Products.


The steady development of our company all these years, resulted from consistency and strict professionalism. We adjust successfully our productiveness to the needs of our clientele and of the current demand by modernizing our production equipment; digital printing, silk-screen printing. The proper and prompt service of our customers has always been our target. In our catalogue you will be able to find the complete variety of our products and services. We remain at your disposal for any possible clarification or demand.


We have also entered the Guiness book of records since 1997 following the construction of the biggest flag ever! Its size was 27,52m x 17,46m , that is 480,49m2! You could read more about the relevant article by clicking here.

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